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Please note when shopping you are being connected to my whole sale lists, this allows me to get you the best price, Some things may take longer to ship dew to high demand, being shipped from over seas and of course season. However all custom orders are quoted and contracted direct from my Pittsburgh location. If you are looking for something you cant find email me directly and I will connect you to the right creative resource.

Bold beauty

Beauty makeup has elevated to the next generation. Big lashes, wigs, and brows bring next level looks.

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SFX /Movie/Beauty/Cosplay/Character

No matter if its beauty or sfx , the sky is the limit to what your look will be. Body paints to shadows, brushes to fake tattoos, makeup is no longer just for beauty it's art!

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Makeup is artistry

Makeup sets us free and gives the power to create!

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Wigs for fun

Wigs can finish a total look. Never for get the hair!

From making your favorite character to feeling beautiful, a wig makes a complete look! We have many looks and styles and more are always being added everyday.

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Create your character head to toe with capes, corsets, belts and more. From sexy to creepy we have costues and cosplay accessories both male and female.

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Blooms FX Education

We don't just offer supplies for the beauty, sfx, movie, and haunt industry, This is a growing small business that offers educational services, and on site services as well. Please contact me for information at

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"Professional and affordable. Emily knows her stuff!"

Cody Knotts movie producer

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